Knowledge Works Inc.

Knowledge Works, Inc.

Software development and consulting
Company established August ’87

  • BugWeb – integrated SQL Server and WorldWideWeb for software fault recording
  • National Schools Report on the Web – database server on WWW for 25 page report
  • US Air Force Ballistic Missile Defense Office Executive Information System prototype
  • Counter_Measures – casino security system
  • BIOLA Graphics – water flow graphing and analysis system
  • Training Center – Company training requirements and scheduling
  • Ergonomic Director – ergonomics inventory system
  • OSHA Forms Management System – government reporting system
  • QuoteNet – telecommunications for centralized purchasing management
  • Profit Maker – business operations analysis
  • Camacho Mechanical Estimating System – construction estimating
  • Chapter Manager – association membership list and meeting management
  • The PAT System – mutual funds transaction analysis
  • Who’s On Disk – menu system for the PC
  • Software Release Manager – project-oriented software version/release manager
  • The Polling System – telecommunications system for invoice collection
  • News Budget System – broadcast news expenditures tracking for NBC affiliate
  • QuikEyes – trains new users on the mouse in Windows environment
  • Nutripoints: The Software – nutritional intake tracking and analysis
  • CrossLink – church membership organization tool
  • The Chart – multi-project GANTT charting system for R&D groups
  • Change Tracker – construction subcontract tracking and analysis

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